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Drago & Co is a team of specialists - developing the tradition of hand stitching in the era of high technology. With 30 years of experience, the brand is among the few that support the creation of men's and women's wardrobe clothes by a personal choice of fabrics, silhouette, details and personal measures. Even the seasonal Drago&Co Tailoring collections are optimally designed to follow the body shape, the quality of studio work and the world's best trends. Our clients are welcome to visit our boutique on 54, Alabin str. to look through the entire product portfolio.

Drago & Co Made to Measure
In Europe, traditions in the creation of clothing and accessories belong to family workshops that hand over the craft secrets to the generations. In old England, Italy and France, they served clients of aristocratic families, financiers, lawyers, bankers, university professors, artists, writers and philosophers. Gradually, the details of craftsmanship turn into a standard that has been perfected in its history for centuries. Drago&Co Made to Measure brand has been created to preserve and develop the best of this tradition. Individual orders guarantee personal choice of model and construction, quality of craftsmanship, fabric comfort, precision to detail, personal style. Every client's individual measures are stored and updated, allowing service from distance and online ordering.